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am i the only one who makes exaggerated scenarios of how i will meet my bias one day and fall in love

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  14. xblizzystormx said: it’s my life goal, we will get married and have wonderful sex and get cute asian babies .. wait what?
  15. mimi1609 said: Not at all
  16. jiminparks said: i do that all the time ._____________.
  17. erhad said: yes you freak
  18. amanda-ellery said: we all do ._.
  19. moonlit-soliloquy said: Nope me too XD
  20. flowerjjangftw said: …gpoy
  21. buddhacoffee said: Nigga they are not exaggerations, they are GOALS.
  22. gyonsu said: no………..
  23. calcim said: no i do that too